Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Trip to Melbourne,Australia - like dreams come true

24 March - It was a big day for me as today I'm going to travel to AUSTRALIA! I don't know why but not so much 'yay!' for me..sometimes getting too excited is not good. We got onto the plane to LCCT at 11.00am..although the flight was suppose to be at 9.40am..well AirAsia always got their flight delayed,causing us to get 'last call' for our flight to Melbourne, Australia. Luckily we managed to get onboard and arrive at 9.00pm/12.00am in Australia time. We wandered around looking for our guide, but none was seen. The guys went to look for 'this guy' in the airport building and found a guy named City(I don't know how his name was supposed to spell)..he got us on a bus with Ali as the driver. He settled us to our hotel; Ibis Style The Victoria Hotel. City then told us that Sam would be our tour guide for the rest of our visit in Melbourne. Our journey today ended there. 
25 March - Got up at 8.15am today and got ready for breakfast. I ate Hash Brown, egg and a pancake with maple syrup. Nice and simple english meal. Sam picked us up at 10.00am and the tour began. The first stop was at a St.Patricks Cathedral..I'm not gonna talk much about this but it do have a picturesque garden around it with blossoming white roses. Then we moved on to Fitzroy Garden. So much flowers here and there also Captain Cook's Cottage. We snapped some photos with the flowers. Then, we were brought to Gaylord Indian Restaurant that located in Melbourne Chinatown for our standard indian cuisine. After lunch, Sam drove us to Queen Victoria Market so we could get some sourvenir for our family and friends. I got some kangaroo keychain for my friends and a tshirt for myself. After that shopping, we went to Eureka Skydeck 88 Entry. In this building, we got a 360° view of Melbourne. It was nice but I'm not in the mood at that time so I didn't look much and just snapped some photos. Sam then dropped us at Chilli Padi, a restaurant that was owned by a Malaysian Chinese. We had a nice Malaysian dinner. After dinner, we walked along the nice view of Victoria nightscape back to our hotel. Our journey today end here.
26 March.breakfast I ate hash brown, egg, pancake with maple syrup and a cup of hot chocolate..for safety of 'halalness'..Sam picked us at 9.30 and we went to Menzies Greek; where we rode a train like thomas or more like emily as it is dark green-coloured called 'Puffing Billy'. It's a steam train. We rode from Menzies Greek to Lakeside Station with such magnificent view such as english houses,primary school and flower field (Oh,I really wanna live here!) Then Sam picked us up and we went to Phillip Island. Then,we stopped at Panny's Chocolate Factory for lunch and 'chocolatey time'..it actually chocolate-buying and not chocolate-tasting! We then continued our journey to 'Amazen Things: Puzzle Island & illusions. Here, I discovered the secret of those kid-tricks,well said that I'm not that amazed to see them..haha. The Koala Centre Admission was next on the schedule. There, we saw a few koalas and some kangaroos. Most of the koalas were sleeping and only showed their backside to us. But,some were kind enough to let us snapped their photos, thanks Mr. Koala! Now,it's time for dinner and we had seafood basket. It has fish n chip,tempura, and deep fried squid with salad. City father, On the bus, Sam told us a joke on how kangaroo got their name. When Captain Cook arrived here, he saw a jumping brown animal and he ask an officer for its name. The officer said 'kangaroo'. Captain Cook filed this information and when people came here 30years after that, they called the animal 'kangaroo' when they saw it. The officer laughed upon hearing them. Why? In their language, 'kangaroo' mean 'I don't know'. When Captain Cook asked for it name, they actually said that they don't know.Then,we went for the Penguin Parade. So cute little penguin out there! First time seeing them for real! Unfortunately,no photos allowed..so no penguin and a cute Australian todler that I played with for remembrance,what a shame! Then,our journey end there and now back to Victoria for a good night sleep.
27 March - Same breakfast again at 8.05am..it's too early for me but what could I do when Sam said that our journey started at 9.00am. It's raining today so Sam was a bit late..maybe because of the traffic I thought. So,the first stop was Victorian Market. Most of us looked for souveneirs again for friends and relatives. I bought another tshirt for me once again,this time is grey and has 'I ♡ Melb' on it. On the bus,they talked about Corelle AGAIN! Made me headache!! Now heading to Sovereign Hill, a place where they represents conditions on Ballarat's early goldfields. How picturesque English town! Sam then took us to DFO at Harbour Town Melbourne so that they could buy their Corelle. Mum got 1 set as I knew that she would put them to dislay rather than using them to dine. You know what, 1 set already cost $158! If in MYR, that would cost triple. At least, there were no more 'Corelle talks' after that shop. We then head off for dinner at Chilli Padi. At first, Sam was going to drive us to that restaurant but we decided to walk on our own there. We tipped him for about $30 for driving us around for 3 days as he would not be the one who would be driving us to the airport tomorrow. He was so happy to receive it. We snapped some photos with him and said our thank you. At 7.00pm, we walk to Chilli Padi in a group and after a few moment,we realize that we could not find it. Taty asked a local for that place and then we found the place after following her instruction. Ahh, dinner finally! After that meal, we walk around to buy some more sourvenir. We also saw some street perfomer such as guitarirst and drummer. Me and my sister just doing window shopping and snapped some photos wearing the souvenir such as hat,cap,doll,and glasses. Back at the hotel, Nana then realize that her spectacles had gone missing.
28 March - Got up early today for departure back to Malaysia. I had the same breakfast and Ali picked us up at 7.30am. Heading to the airport, I began to feel that I should not leave this country that early. Why? Well, I like everything about this country except for their toilet. Such a shame that I had to leave them now. Anyway, we rushed to the airport and checked everything in. An australian read my name so funny..wanna laugh!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Interview for JADYPM ( Japanese Associate Degree Yayasan Pelajaran Mara) Programme

Aku tak sangka benda ni boleh jadi kat aku...lepas dapat mesej daripada pihak JAD yang aku berjaya untuk pergi ke temuduga untuk program JAD ni, aku rasa cam dah selangkah aku akan mendekati impian aku (belajar kat universiti di Jepun). Sehari sebelum hari temuduga ni, aku tak berhenti rasa berdebar..first interview la katakan ^O^ hehe

Masa hari interview tu, semua yang apply untuk program ni kena ambil ujian dulu. Dalam kertas ujian dia tu, ada 3 subjek diorang campur (fizik, kimia, addmath ) Haish..boleh naik pening kalau aku tak bertenang masa jawab tu..maklumlah soalan bercampur baur tiga-tiga subjek tu,dahlah dalam bahasa inggeris pulak tu. Alhamdulillah, dengan izin Allah aku dapat jawab dengan mudah,cuma beberapa soalan addmath je lah yang aku takleh jawab dengan betul sebab lupa konsep (tak sempat nak study addmath sebelum ni) haha @~@..

Lepas ujian tu,masa untuk interview pulak. Aku masuk untuk interview lebih awal dari kawan aku (Ummi),dia kena interview lambat sikit. Masa aku di interview oleh 2 interviewer JAD tu, dia tanya beberapa soalan:

  1. Introduce yourself and your family background,your high school
  2. Why do you want to go to Japan?
  3. What do you know about Mechanical Engineering?
  4. Tak rasa tersalah jalan ke pilih Mechanical Engineering?
  5. Can you determine if that calculation is correct or wrong?
  6. Jadi awak memang nak pergi la ni?

Jawapan aku bagi Soalan 1
My name is...I was born on...,My mother name is...,My father name is.....,My father had died because of cancer. I studied at...

Jawapan aku bagi Soalan 2
When I was in form 1,I love watching this anime called 'Slam Dunk'. It is a japanese cartoon. Well you see, sometimes when we watch a story with foreign languages, sometimes there are no subtitles. It was hard to understand what are they (the peope in the story) talking about. So, from that time on, I started to learn Japanese and began to like everything that related to Japan,including their culture and 4-seasons climate.

Jawapan aku bagi Soalan 3
I only know a little about Mechanical Engineering. Err,I know about aeronautic.. (better to say that I know nothing about it!). Well, actually I was into Chemical Engineering before this, so I don't know much about Mechanical Engineering.

Jawapan aku bagi Soalan 4
About that, no! I don't feel like that because I really like Physics. (Fuhh..LIAR!!! Of course I like Chemistry more than Physics, but what can I say if I want them to pick me for their programme, right?)

Jawapan aku bagi Soalan 5
Well, pihak JAD dah sediakan satu kertas besar ni yang kat atas tu ada tertulis satu soalan Fizik. Soalan dari Bab 2 Tingkatan 5 : Elektrik..(bab ni la bab yang paling aku tak berapa minat! *~* ). Masa aku tengok soalan tu, rupa-rupanya dah ada pengiraan kat situ..(budak yang di'interview' sebelum ni kut yang jawab). Jadi interviewer ni nak aku tentukan betul ke tak pengiraan tu. Aku tengok pengiraan tu sekerat jalan dan aku hampir cakap betul! (Nasib baik aku tak cakap sebab pengiraan tu salah halfway to the end!)..Aku ambik marker biru  dan kira balik kat tepi pengiraan yang salah tu. Alhamdulillah dapat kira!

1/Rt = 1/R1 + 1/R2
Rt= R1 + R2

Jawapan aku bagi Soalan 6
Ya...(nak kata apa lagi?? Jawapan aku ni memang takleh nak dihuraikan dah!)

*Interviewer : Well,your result is quite good..so see you in Beranang. 

Am I accepted?? Well, I have to wait for SPM result to confirm this whether I am accepted or not.

SPM countdown: 10 days to go! 10A+ Insyaallah...

#Thanks to my friends, Ammar and Akmal for informing about this programme to me. Without them, I couldn't move one step closer to my dream. Thank you for supporting me. God bless you.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Trip To KL and Genting

17/10/2011- Hari ini rasa happy sangat-sangat...maklumlah nak gi KL! Mula-mula tu, budak 3 Nilam naik flight (air asia),lepas sejam tu...sampai la kat LCCT. Sampai kat sini, naik bas pulak pergi ke KL Sentral. Sampai tu, tak tau nak pergi jalan mana...nasib baik cikgu Amri datang ambik kitorang. fuh...lega! Cikgu bawak kitorang check in kat Hotel Florida dekat Brickfield. Lepas rehat and unpack our things, makan  dulu kat kedai mamak order nasi goreng (pedas giler!! Lepas ni aku tak nak makan dah nasi goreng mamak!TAK NAK!!!) Kami naik monorel pergi kat Imbi, atas monorel ni aku jumpa two japanese old man...so exciting! Maklumlah, aku kan obses ngan Jepun... Masa pergi kat Imbi, pergi kat Town Square dulu and then pergi kat Low Yat sebab nak cari pendrive (aku beli yang 8GB punya for only RM26!) Pergi kat Parkson ngan Giant dan lepas habis shopping kat sini... kami balik semula ke hotel. 

18/10/2011 - Bangun pagi - pagi lagi dan solat subuh...lepas siap semua tu, turun makan kat restoran tepi hotel kitorang. Aku makan nasi lemak, so simple but sedap! Jalan kaki ke KL Sentral sebab nak naik LRT menuju ke KLCC, pergi ke Petrosains (best la jugak...), lepas tu naik LRT pulak pergi ke Masjid Jamek...solat zohor and asar kat sini (jamak takdim), jalan kaki pulak ke bazaar dekat ngan Masjid India (tak beli apa-apa pun,lalu je...)pergi lunch dekat gerai makanan dan pergi ke Sogo (luas sangat! letih dah aku nak jalan).Lepas tu, pergi kat bazaar tadi balik (beli beg duit baru sebab yang lama dah koyak), aku pergi kat Masjid India pulak sebab nak tunggu Cikgu Noriah /Nori (my mother la...), lepas tu jalan pulak ke stesen LRT Masjid Jamek sebab nak balik ke KL Sentral...(tired!) Malam tu, solat maghrib and isyak pergi makan roti canai telur kat kedai mamak dan balik tidur.

19/10/2011 - Pagi tu, macam semalam lah..makan nasi lemak kat restoran yang sama, tunggu Cikgu Amri datang dan lepas tu jalan kaki ke KL Sentral sebab nak naik bas ke Genting Highlands! (syoknya!). Sampai kat Genting tu, jumpa ngan seekor maskot gajah nama dia Allie (tak cute pun...) ada orang tarik belalai dia! hahaha...padan muka gajah tak comel tu! Masuk dalam theme park tu, mula-mula naik double deckcarousel, lepas tu pirate ship, flying jumbo, pirate train, pergi boating, naik flying dragon, antique car, astro fighter... then pergi kat musical fountain and snap some photos, lepas tu pergi solat dan naik monorail, matahari, corkscrew, space shot dan last sekali...pergi kat Beryl's Cholate Wonderland, lepas tu pulang hotel...Letih sangat-sangat! 

20/11/2011 - Hari ni kitorang pergi kat Muzium Negara (belajar Sejarah...hey! exam is over la!!), pergi pulak kat Central Market (aku makan chiken chop kat sini for RM8.90) walaupun mahal, tapi kat puas hati sebab chicken chop tu sedap sangat! Keluar tu, tengok pelukis- pelukis tengah lukis potret (pandai nyer diorang lukis! Aku pun nak pandai melukis camtu jugak! Seriously, I have lot to learn from them..pergi pulak kat bazaar semalam dan beli blouse polca-dot for RM30, lepas tu balik semula ke hotel melalui Stesen Masjid Jamek. 

21/11/2011- Hari ni dah hari last dah kat KL, pergi kat stesen monorail dan naik monorel ke Bukit Bintang, pergi kat iSetan, Pavilion, Sungei Way, lepas tu pergi ke Giant sebelum pergi ke Stesen Monorel kat Imbi... Balik hotel tu, kemas barang-barang dan jalan kaki ke stesen bas kat KL Sentral menuju ke LCCT. Kat LCCT ni, jumpa Azli Senario (tinggi lah dia! Terkejut aku!) Lepas tu, naik flight balik ke Kelantan dan Nori beli KFC for dinner dan balik tu,(tak balik terus,tapi singgah dulu kat rumah Kak Ajek..rumah nenek Nadhira)...lepas tu baru  aku balik rumah. Home at last! Home sweet home!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Baru-baru ni aku main keyboard aku yang dah lama aku tak usik...(banyak betul habuk kat kotak keyboard ni,hish!) Tapi aku bukak jugak kotak tu sebab aku nak main keyboard sangat... 

Sebenarnya dah bertahun-tahun dah aku tak main keyboard tu,tapi nasib baik keyboard tu masih okey lagi (bila aku tekan keyboard tu keluar bunyi...masih okey lah tu maksud dia,kan?) 

Aku dapat keyboard ni masa aku darjah 4 (bukan ibu bapa aku yang bagi lah...jangan harap mereka nak bagi aku hadiah yang mahal camtu!).Sebenarnya aku dapat keyboard ni dengan memenangi pertandingan melukis yang dianjurkan oleh dirahsiakan...(mana boleh bagitau,nanti tak syok lah). Ingat tak masa kita kecik-kecik dulu? Kan ada sebuah rancangan yang menganjurkan pertandingan melukis...

Aku try lah hantar lukisan aku kat rancangan tu...tiba-tiba satu hari ni sampai lah surat yang menyatakan aku telah memenangi pertandingan melukis tu! Aku diminta untuk menuntut hadiah aku ni dalam masa seminggu...jadi aku pergi tuntut je lah hadiah tu. Bila aku bukak.... rupanya ada sebuah keyboard! Wah, apalagi...gembiranya rasa! 

Bermula hari tu...aku sentiasa main keyboard aku ni. Tapi lama kelamaan aku dah tak main keyboard tu hinggalah ke baru-baru ni...(mesti keyboard aku rasa sedih sebab dah lama aku tak mainkan dia)

Baru-baru ni, aku bukak kotak keyboard tu...aku keluarkannya dengan gembira. Aku dengan Cik Nana (adik aku) main keyboard aku ni dengan lama...memang seronok dapat tekan-tekan keyboard ni!
Kami rasa seronok sangat buat lagu guna keyboard ni. Kami buat macam-macam lagu guna keyboard aku ni....